Together we can create a more livable city.


To create a more livable city and spur economic development by seeking an alternative to the 1.3 miles of I-20/59 in the Birmingham Central Business District.


Imagine the possibilities this valuable land could create for our city. Imagine a linear park that reconnects our neighborhoods and invites new development in the way Railroad Park has transformed Southside.

Together, we can unleash a new wave of economic development and growth on the northern side of downtown, enhancing quality of life for all residents by creating connectivity between our most valuable cultural assets, spanning from the Civil Rights District to Uptown and the new stadium.



The replacement of the elevated bridges in the Central Business District is currently not scheduled to start until mid-2018.

Since its construction in 1971, the current elevated I-20/59 roadway has served to divide our city, resulting in a bleak, unwelcoming barrier between historic neighborhoods and key cultural attractions.

The 2012 City of Birmingham Comprehensive Plan states that city policy should be directed at moving I-20/59 north of the BJCC. NOW represents the best opportunity Birmingham has to make a change in the next 50 years.

ALDOT has NOT done comprehensive due diligence. They haven’t considered the full economic impact their expansion plan will have on the city center, adjacent neighborhoods, or the city as a whole. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires this assessment.

ALDOT’s initial plan was to re-deck the I-20/59 bridges at a cost of $100M. Already, the projected cost has skyrocketed to $500M, and it will greatly devalue our enormous public and private investments in the region’s most important cultural and entertainment district.

ALDOT will divert statewide maintenance funds that are greatly needed for other purposes.

ALDOT’s short-sighted vision is threatening the success of the 2021 World Games. An unanticipated delay will put a massive construction project in the midst of the city’s premier tourist destination.

At Move I-20/59, we seek a “big picture” assessment of all options, collaborating with ALDOT and ultimately producing a solution that will deliver the best outcome for our community.