Additional information on I-20/59

  • 2014 Goody Clancy economic and transportation review

    This document was specifically developed in response to ALDOT’s proposal to significantly reconfigure and expand the interstate highway system in the Central Business District.

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  • 2013 Birmingham Comprehensive Plan Chapter 12

    The City of Birmingham’s recently developed plan intended to guide city officials and stakeholders for the next 25 years. This chapter contains specific recommendations for I-20/59 in the Central Business District.

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  • 2009 Parsons Brinkerhoff feasibility study for lowering the highway

    An in depth review of the feasibility of lowering the highway below grade with recommendations for how this might be accomplished while keeping the corridor open to traffic.

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  • 2004 City Center Master Plan

    This plan was intended to direct downtown development for the succeeding few decades and contains a recommendation for lowering the interstate below grade.

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